Every week during term time, we release one or more puzzles via the mailing list and prizes are awarded for the best solutions. Typically there is a hard puzzle accompanied by an easier mini puzzle. The person who submits the best solution to the main puzzle receives a prize, and small prizes are also awarded to anyone who solves the mini puzzle.

Below you will find the leaderboards, where everyone who attempts our puzzles is ranked for the year. For now this is based on cumulative rank, but we may use average rank as well later. If you do not want your name to be listed here, please contact us.


Michaelmas 2017-18

  1. Ioan Ploscaru
  2. Owen Tyers
  3. Peter Robinson
  4. Jansen Sta Maria
  5. Nikolaos Kolliopoulos
  6. Joshua Smailes
  7. Vatsal Khandewal

Hilary 2016-17

  1. Thomas Wisson, Owen Tyers (tie)
  2. Peter Robinson
  3. Alexander Allin

Michaelmas 2016-17

  1. Alexander Allin
  2. Peter Robinson
  3. Owen Tyers
  4. Alexis Poncet
  5. Daren Khu
  6. Amadej Kocbek
  7. Suhas Mahesh
  8. Anuj Aggarwal
  9. Milan Divecha
  10. Nicholas Azar
  11. Thomas Wisson