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Undergraduate Talks

Vlad Margarint

Date Icon Week 3, Tuesday 9 May TT 2017
Time Icon 8.00pm - 11:00pm

An evening “flight” over two modern topics in Mathematics; Random Fractal Curves and Rough Paths Theory.

The flight will leave from the - “terminal” - conformal mappings of domains of the complex plane - and will fly over the history of this development and prepare for landing at the first layover destination - the definition of SLE (Schramm-Loewner evolution).

After the first stop, the passengers will be asked to move to the “terminal”- Rough Paths Theory. We will ‘‘fly’’ together across the development of a deterministic theory on Stochastic Differential Equations and prepare to land at the destination: the definition of Rough Paths and Rough Differential Equations.

The sky is announced to be crystal clear and we will be able to see during the twilight fractal rivers. Food on board: conformal PIZZA.