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Undergraduate Talks

Chan Bae and Eliza Casapopol

Date Icon Week 3, Tuesday 10 May TT 2016
Time Icon 8:15pm

This event gives our members the chance to shine by presenting on a topic themselves. The time is usually divided into a number of short lectures by members of the society. All members are welcome to give a paper!

Chan Bae, Embedding graphs in R^3 without self-intersections

Kuratowski’s theorem tells us exactly what graphs can and can’t be drawn in the plane without self-intersections. A natural question arises: What about R^3? We will find that any finite graph can be drawn in space without self-intersections. How much do we have to distort the graph to eliminate self-intersections? What happens if we make the graph infinite? And what does the continuum hypothesis have to do with any of this?

Eliza Casapopol, Number theory and how to make a fortune

Who needs a million dollars? What would you do to get them? Number Theory can be the answer! Some of the most creative ideas in maths appeared by looking at patterns and the best results came from team work. Let’s discover some facts about the families of prime numbers, the thoughts provoked by a question written on the margin of a paper and why some mathematicians decided to spend time inventing a second proof. Maybe your chance to become a millionaire is just one theorem away…