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Members' Papers

Various Speakers

Date Icon Week 2, Tuesday 1 May TT 2012
Time Icon 8:15pm

This annual event gives our members the chance to shine by presenting their own papers. The usual time is divided into a number of short lectures by members of the Invariants society. All members are welcome to give a paper!

Catrin Campbell-Moore, TBC

Matthew Saxton, “The Coffee Ring Effect”

If you spill a drop of coffee on a surface, then the stain left when it dries is darker at the edge than in the centre. The talk will explain why this effect occurs.

Annekathrin Meiburg, “Morphogen driven domain growth”

Compartments are the fundamental units of size in the Drosophila wingdisc. Their size is unchanged over the large range of cell numbers which can be induced by stimulating proliferation or apoptosis. It is suggested that morphogens originating from outside the compartment regulate compartment size. However, the precise mechanism of this regulation is still largely unknown. Key to understanding the development of an organ is an explanation how a morphogen gradient changing with time and space can cause uniform, saturating growth.

This talk will cover:

  • Model organisms - why worry about the Drosophila wingdisc
  • An introduction to feasible models and a brief discussion of these