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Christmas Dinner

Date Icon Week 8, Thursday 30 November MT 2017
Time Icon 6:30pm
Location Icon St John's College

As tradition dictates, the society is organising a Christmas Dinner! This year it will take place on Thursday of 8th week (30 Nov) at St John’s College. We will start with pre-drinks in the Prestwich Room at 6:30 pm and then move to Hall around 7 pm. The cost is £8 and if you get a place but can’t come, you have to notify us at least 2 days in advance. Otherwise you will have to pay regardless of your absence.

The ballot lasts until Monday of 8th week (27 Nov) and we will then email the winners.

The dinner involves a gift exchange, so you should bring a small present (<£5) and you will receive one in return!

Details and sign-up at: