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Prediction (event was canceled)

Doyne Farmer, University of Oxford

Date Icon Week 7, Tuesday 21 November MT 2017
Time Icon 8:00pm

For reasons of pure chance, my career has been framed by the challenge of prediction. While a graduate student I led a team that built the first wearable digital computer, which we used to predict the game of roulette. Later I started Prediction Company, and built one of the first fully automated stock trading systems. Since coming to Oxford, my colleague Francois Lafond and I have developed improved methods for predicting technological progress. Now I’m on a quest to make better predictions of the economy. I’ll talk about these challenges, and what is like to have an unconventional, non-disciplinary career, moving back and forth from business to academia.

As always, snacks and drinks provided. Stay after the talk to chat with the speaker.

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