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An unqualified success in promoting Mathematics!

Johnny Ball

Date Icon Week 1, Tuesday 14 October MT 2014
Time Icon 8:15pm

Johnny was writing comedy for TV in the late 60’s. When asked what subject he might write his own series on, he said, “Maths” and produced Think of a Number - which won BAFTA in its first year - and subsequently 20 TV series on Maths and Science. Amazingly Johnny had left school aged 16 with just 2 O’levels in Maths (of course - 100%) and Geography. But he was clearly gifted and made Recreational Maths his hobby while in the RAF. Since then he has been conveying his love of all things mathematical to audiences young and old, receiving 7 honorary degrees including Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Teaching and of the Actuaries Livery Company. He has run Maths Exhibition stands for HM Dept of Education and written 5 educational stage musicals including Tales of Maths and Legends which headed the UK’s Maths Year 2000 efforts and averaged 3500 bums on seats per day in major provincial theatres. Also in 2000 his Mind Zone Live show in the Dome SOLD OUT for the entire year. Earlier this year HM Government brought Chinese Maths teachers to the UK. At precisely the same time he heard that his Think of a Number maths book had sold 50,000 copies in Beijing alone? Johnny will talk about the Maths he loves, virtually without “doing any Maths” so those pro or anti maths should all enjoy his talk equally.