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Talk by Grant Sanderson from 3blue1brown

Date Icon Week 6, Tuesday 25 February HT 2020
Time Icon TBC

Come see the amazing Grand Sanderson, fouder of the famous animated math channel 3blue1brown. My name is Grant Sanderson. I studied math at Stanford, with a healthy bit of seduction from computer science along the way. For a while, my job experience was pointing me in the direction of software engineering/data science, but ultimately the primary passion for math won out at the expense of the mistress.

I was fortunate enough to be able to start forging a less traditional path into math outreach thanks to Khan Academy’s talent search, which led me to make videos and write articles for them in 2015/2016 as their multivariable calculus fellow. After that, I began focusing my full attention on 3blue1brown.

3blue1brown, or 3b1b for those who prefer less of a tongue-twister, centers around presenting math with a visuals-first approach. Rather than first deciding on a lesson then putting illustrations to it for the sake of having a video, almost all projects start with a particular visualization, with the narrative and storyline then revolving around this image.