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DNA, Cells, Organisms and Populations - A Tour of Mathematical Biology

Annekatherin Meiburg, Undergraduate Mathematics Seminar

Date Icon Week 3, Wednesday 1 February HT 2012
Time Icon 8:15pm

I specialise in Mathematical Biology. – Oh, so you do Genetics and Statistics and stuff? – No actually I am really bad at Statistics. – Then what do you do?

I do: Biofilm; Brain; Cancer; Cell cycle; Ecological niches; Chemotaxis; Crypt dynamics; Ecology; Enzyme kinetics; Epidemiology; Gene transcription; Heart beat; High altitude Pine rust; HIV; Insect swarm; Life cycles; Membranes; Mutations; Neurons; Organ growth; Pattern formation; Population dynamics; Predator prey relationship; Protein synthesis; Red squirrels; Seismic lines; Signal amplification in bacteria; Sperm motility; Vascular genesis; Wound healing

This talk will be explaining what exactly a mathematical Biologist (really it ought to be biological Mathematician, but that sounds wired) does, what problems they have and where their work can lead us.